Global Positioning System

ana artiste peintre

After having practiced a lot of Contextual Art in total immersion with the public and in direct contact with humanity, I now wonder about its evolution.
The omnipresence of mathematical algorithms in our daily lives through widespread digitization and the use of systematic encryption challenges me, confuses me, also worries me because it redraws our relationship to time and space, to imagination and to the world.

How can the artist fit into this paradigm shift?

What answer can we oppose to this mathematical colonization?

Just as IT must serve humans, basically, this prolific digitization must be able to support a discourse. Thus, through my GPS concept, I submit data to serve my purpose.

With the satellite positioning system, geography becomes geometry, each place on Earth corresponds to a code thus inscribing the World in a digital mesh. Thanks to democratized access to satellite images, I can explore multiple geographical areas in order to find sites to exploit, in my own way, and list them. By selecting these images, I evoke insularity or entrenchment. I highlight various paradoxes: the multiplicity of codes in the face of the unique, the transience of communication in the digital age in the face of the weight of the oral tradition dispensed in certain regions, the exception in the face of globalization. I also reveal inland seas that speak of the isolation and singularity, also of the incongruity of certain landscapes. These sites then become “subjects” and thanks to my plastic intervention, are transformed into a work. However, I keep their codes as a title in order to oppose the nomenclature to the lyricism. Thus, the contours of these seas, their shores will allow a narration and tell their story, or mine.


PT concept
DM concept

P concept

GPS concept

DA concept



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