Instants - Photogrammes

ana artiste peintre

Following my investigations on movement initiated by the representation of music in my capacity as a synesthete, I sought to work in a more accomplished way on the Gesture.
As a performance artist, I have an imperious need to integrate my work into a temporality and to give myself limits of duration. The question therefore arose for me of the materialization of time in a plastic restitution.
With this in mind, the “Instants” project has become obvious.

During my sessions, I try to capture in the form of a snapshot, the substance of the artistic action. The very short deadline imposed will provoke an authentic and radical gesture. The dark room that houses the artistic act naturally evokes the cave, and, like the allegory of the Cave of Socrates, my photograms symbolize the projection of my intention.

"The gesture would thus pass from the status of a shaping of thought to the visibility of an intention."

Mélanie Perrier

My furrow of energy is revealed on paper in a chronological way so that my trace can be read. Despite the abstraction, I induce a narration due to the sense of reading. The artistic flash concentrated on a sheet becomes a sign.

Thanks to this concept, my movement is translated into 2 dimensions. This imprint laid down on paper is therefore inscribed in different fields and in particular has a clear temporal dimension.

The "Instants" project is related to photography, it is created and developed in an analog photography laboratory.

During the exposure time (the few seconds during which the light-sensitive paper is exposed) I draw directly above my sheet. The work is then revealed by the different baths in the manner of a classic photograph. Thanks to this technique called photogram, the creation of the line can be followed because it becomes darker and darker, the beginning of the trace remaining almost white.


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